Automated Monitoring

Do you have the piece of mind of knowing your buisiness’s servers and workstations are working correctly?

Server Monitoring

For less than a dollar a day we will check your server every fifteen minutes.  We’ll be abble to spot problems as they occur rather than waiting until your business is impacted..  Among the checks we’ll be performing are:

  • Operating System problems
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Disk Space Checks
  • Email Server Issues
  • Server Performance Checks
  • Anti Virus Update checks

Workstation Monitoring

Workstation Monitoring means that you can rest assured that your PC’s and laptops are in business-ready condition. Our proactive, preventative health checks test key components of the system each morning. We’ll be able to spot problems – almost always before they cause user downtime – and can fix them fast so your employees can make the most of every day.


You receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports showing you the status of your systems, and when there’s a problem our staff receives notification immediately allowing us to quickly resolve problems for you, typically before it can effect your business.

Additional Benefits

  • You will have real time access to your own dashboard showing system status
  • Optional Remote Support Access allowing the support team at Comtech Network Systems, Inc. to remotely troubleshoot and resolve problems without a site visit as well as off hours without requiring your facility to be open.
  • Additionally if you choose to enable remote support you will have access to your servers and workstations via our web portal as well.
  • Patch Management
  • Web Protection
  • Data Breach Risk Analysis
  • Backup and Recovery

Call or email your sales rep today for a demonstration of our remote monitoring service

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