Body Temperature Monitoring Systems

Facility Protection and
Body Temperature Checkin

Protect your Employees and Customers

  • Unlike other systems our system includes a calibration device that is ALWAYS running
  • Accuracy of 0.5 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Scan up to 16 people per second
  • Data recording
  • 2 MP video recording
  • Portable system that can be deployed as needed
  • Cellular, WiFi or hardwired versions available
  • Text / email alert appropriate staff
  • Monitor mounted on unit to view traffic
  • Real Time Remote monitoring available
DISCLAIMER: Our products are not medical devices and cannot diagnose coronavirus infection. When configured correctly, our products shown here can identify individuals showing higher than average temperature relative to a sample population. Only a licensed medical professional can determine if a “hot” individual is experiencing an abnormal medical condition.
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